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TL 9000 Consultants In Pune India

sTL 9000 – Telecommunication QMS

TL 9000 is a quality management system for the design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of Telecommunications products and services. TL 9000 is the first unified set of quality system requirements and metrics designed specifically for the Telecommunications industry. It encompasses ISO 9001:2000 plus additional industry-specific requirements. The creation of the TL 9000 standard marks the first time the Telecommunications Industry has worked together to develop uniform quality system requirements.
TL 9000 is applicable to approximately 10,000 Telecommunications suppliers worldwide. In addition to the ISO 9001:2000 requirements, TL requirements include:
* Reliability and associated costs
* Software development and life-cycle management
TL 9000
* Specialized service functions such as installation and engineering
* Continuing communication between telecommunications service providers and suppliers
* Standardized performance measurements

Currently, the trend is manufacturers requiring compliance to TL 9000 as a minimum, and possibly certification for their suppliers. By becoming TL 9000 compliant today, suppliers can gain a distinct competitive advantage, and benefit from the improved processes and continuous improvement that is the foundation of ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System.

Benefits of TL 9000
Telecommunications companies experience many benefits when becoming TL 9000 certified, including:
? Continuous improvement of service to subscribers
? Enhanced customer/supplier relationships
? Standardization of quality system requirements worldwide
? Uniform performance and cost-based metrics
? Efficient management of external audits and site visits
? Overall cost reduction and increased competitiveness
? Enhanced competitive position for conforming suppliers
? Industry benchmarks for TL 9000 measurements