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ISO 14001:2015 EMS Consultants in Pune India

ISO 14001:2015 EMS :

ISO 14001 is globally known Environmental Management System (EMS) International Standard, refers to a system used by an Organization to manage & address immediate and long impacts its activities, product or services in a way resulting to curtail or eliminate the adverse impacts on environment. It involves developing, implementing and maintaining policy focusing on continual improvement and environment protection.

Focus re-adjusted: Changes in latest?

ISO 14001:2015 does not specify environmental performance criteria but a way to develop Environmental management system as the ISO 14001 standard applies to those environmental aspects known and controlled or influenced by the organization. An increased focus on leadership and strategy; determining and addressing operational risks & preventive actions; build resilient supply chain & environmental purchasing; and opportunities for environmental design and development of products and services along with their LCA. Design of the product or service from an environmental and potentially sustainable point of view is the key to unlock the immense benefits of ISO 14001:2015. Major differences in Structure of standard, context of organization, Risk planning, Preventive action, documented information and procedures from the previous edition

Why TSC?

At TechnoSysCon we shall explain why, and how to make a start on this journey. Our teams of experts offer guidance in everything from complying with environmental regulations to assessing environmental performance to help you minimize your environmental impact by designing management systems. Whether your organization makes products, buildings or infrastructure, or delivers a service blending ISO requirements with your organization system is King or Queen as it defines who you are and what sets you two steps higher from your competitors. We are here to guide you enhance your environmental reputation by minimize your impact on the environment and meet your regulatory obligations, manage risk and increase business efficiency in right direction.